Manamana Chunks

From seeds to final products, ManaMana is a family Agribusiness based at the heart of the Colombian Andes.

As the company mission statement, the objective of our new range of products is to deliver well-being to our customers in a variety of “supernatural” fruits.

All the fruits are grown and processed by a very meticulous handmade technique that takes special care of their aspect and flavor, which are key factors in the final product quality. ManaMana has a wide range of ready-to-eat fruit products that are used in the HORECA and B2C sectors.

USES: Our fruit chunks can be used as an ingredient of cocktails, bakery preparations, and ice cream preparations or can be consumed as a snack ready to be enjoyed at breakfast. Besides, ManaMana develops private labels for retail and food service companies too.

SOURCE OF RAW MATERIAL: Colombia own production


CERTIFICATIONS: FSA (Social Responsibility), KOSHER, FSSC 22000


Bolsa 200 gr.18 Und Por Caja.
1 sabor Por Caja. Peso neto 3,6 k
Peso bruto 4,3 k

Pallet Aereo/ Maritimo

150 cajas/ 210 cajas
30 cajas Por Piso
2700 bolsas/3780 bolsas


20 pallets
4200 Cajas
75.600 bolsas

Mango Chunks

High in fiber
High antioxidants
Improves digestion

Papaya chunks

High in fiber
Helps your digestion
High folic acid
Reduce the risk of heart disease

Passion Fruit and banana chunks

Loads of vitamin c
High in fiber
Helps your digestion

Pineapple Chunks

High in fiber
High in manganese
Loaded with vitamins and minerals

Guanabana Chunks

Helps your digestion
High antioxidants
Antiinflammatory properties